* in which I say something nice about my L Letterpress

Posted on May 9th, 2010 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress.

So I got my new L Letterpress ink and print plates a couple weeks ago and only just today got around to playing with them.


Now that’s what I’m talking about!  This zigzag background size plate behaved so much better than my previous experiments.  I think it’s because it’s so big that the edges don’t get weirdly compressed (limiting breaking) and it’s easy to ink because it’s impossible to go off kilter with the brayer since the pattern is so dense.


I bought it after seeing this post on the company blog, so I was very pleasantly surprised to be able to recreate the effect.  One problem is that where the paper edge runs off seems to create inking inconsistencies for later prints, so in the future I’ll print with paper covering the entire plate and cut to size afterward.


This is what happens if you print once horizontally and once vertically.  Also, I tried to print onto some blank labels I had, and that worked pretty well.  Beware that the ink takes forever to dry, though, because it’s not as absorbent as the letterpress paper.


You can kind of see the nice impressions I’m getting here.  The paper really matters a lot.  I had pretty nice results with the paper it comes with and with watercolor paper.  Nice drawing paper, less so.

Also, I highly recommend the branded cleaning wipes.  They really do work waaaaaay better than plain old baby wipes.  It made doing the bleed printing so much easier since I had to clean the print platform after every run.  Also, for the smaller plates, I still can’t seem to ink evenly without getting smudges everywhere, and that’s way less annoying when they’re easy to wipe up.  I did three colors today, and the cleanup was honestly painless: wipe ink off plate and brayer with dry paper towels, then do the last swipe with the special wipes.  The wipes can be reused quite a bit before they fall apart/dry out.

Some bad news just to keep from sounding like an advertisement, because I am still annoyed at all the deficiencies of this gadget: the repositionable adhesive still doesn’t work and the brayer is definitely still problematic.  Need to remember to replace that next trip to the art store….

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