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Posted on December 6th, 2010 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress.

I actually made those cards I was planning.


Since this is my first big project with the L Letterpress, I was able to discover even more new things I hate about it, how exciting.

I wanted an aqua-red color palette.  Enough to make a special trip out to Bellevue to go to the Paper Source to find the red ink, even.  Unfortunately, as it seems others have also reported, including in a helpful comment in a prior craftlog entry, the red ink is a terrible color.  More like rust than cherry.  I mixed in some orange and pink to brighten it up. The inks mixed OK, except the red is stickier than the others.

The design is from the wedding set, and they’re supposed to be stylized flowers.  Upside down, they remind me of Christmas balls, but not so much that the calendar can’t be used all year.

The stupid plates cracked all to hell on about impression 8-ish, and just got worse and worse.  Because I got 2 cards from each print, I was at least able to finish without them looking too terrible. You can also tell the plate came conveniently pre-broken (hint: one of the circle outlines is incomplete).


The plates also flattened with each impression, so the last cards barely even look letterpress-y.  Lame.

This was the first time I went back to a tube of ink I’d previously opened.  The ink had dried into a crust that blocked the tube.  I had to jam a skewer into it to reopen the flow, which worked, except that it also introduced little crumby pieces into the ink.  The crud made the ink spread unevenly and I spent forever picking out the little bits.

Overall, though, I’m reasonably happy with how they eventually turned out.

Here are some of the test cards I printed to play with colors and layout.

Dark blue instead of aqua, on a smaller card:






4 Responses to “letterpress calendar cards”

  1. akanerosie Says:

    lovely work , just find this place , and is really cute love read your posts

  2. carole Says:

    ours is gorgeous! happy holidays to you, mark & chupa!

  3. Kate Says:

    Hey, just found this post while looking for L letterpress hints. Just got the starter kit, using it with a Sizzix BigKick. Are you using your Gocco inks? Haven’t tried those yet, but have plenty. I’ve also been playing with rubber stamp pads, which work pretty well too and aren’t as much of a pain to clean up.

    Thanks for the tips!

  4. maitreya Says:

    I haven’t tried any other inks yet. The L ones are really sticky, so I didn’t think anything else would work. That’s encouraging to know that even stamp pads work.


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