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Posted on January 7th, 2011 by maitreya. Filed under Crafty Links.

I used to love the MyDecoFile webclipping feature of the old Domino website.  Despite some success with Evernote, I have been looking for a usable, sharable, sortable, clickable, pretty replacement ever since Domino went under.  I’m messing with curbly right now, which, funny enough, was suggested to me by a commenter back when Domino went under.  I only just recently started reading it regularly and rediscovered this feature, I guess.  I mainly use this type of thing to collate ideas, and my key needs are to capture single images off complex webpages, with source data, and to be able to flip through them quickly by tags.  Curbly has an easy bookmarklet interface that lets you clip a photo from a page and tag it.  Your clips are public, but I don’t think you can syndicate them to another blog, which I’d love to be able to do.  I also haven’t been able to figure out if they disappear if the original gets deleted.  It’s got a pretty nice feature for finding related images too, so that’s a plus.  We’ll see.

Anyway, here are my clippings in case you’re interested, which I’ll also leave over in the links under “likes lately.”  You’ll notice they’re so far very calendar-heavy since I was shopping holiday sales this week (post of my selections coming soon).

2 Responses to “curbly”

  1. bad mummy Says:

    Have you tried pinterest.com? I can send you an invite if needed. It’s basically an online bulletin board. You can title your bulletin boards, tag the things you ‘pin’ and clicking any item opens up a new window.

    I’ve been using it to track recipes I want to make, since I’m far more visual and this saves me from searching my bookmarks. Also has been great for inspiration on the things of the craft/art nature that I want to make/do.

    Has come in really handy finding new recipes/ideas too, since you can search other boards.

  2. cimba Says:

    Hi, I use visualize.us: it has tags, link to original source (a new image is created), private option and recently i think you can share to Facebook and Twitter or something. I use it via the browser bookmarklet.


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