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Posted on January 12th, 2011 by maitreya. Filed under Chickens, Home and Garden, Wants.

The chickens have almost eaten/wasted their first 25 pound bag of food.  Between that and the aforementioned leaky waterer, it was time for a restocking trip.  Last time I went to the Grange Supply, out in Issaquah.  This time, we went to Bothell Feed Center, out in, well, Bothell.  It’s closer to where we live, and I wanted to compare.  They had a really nice chicken coop out front, and a great selection of fancy chicken feed.  I just do not care enough to get the organic omega 3 supplemented feed, especially since they’re not even laying yet, but it’s nice to know where to get some just in case I decide to go that route.  I got a 50 pound bag of plain old pellets for pretty cheap, and a sturdy new waterer (metal this time).  They were very helpful and had a surprisingly good music selection playing in the store (Metric and Florence and the Machine are not bands I would first think of in connection with farm supplies).

The next place I want to hit is the Seattle Farm Co-op warehouse.  They look like they’ve got some cool stuff and neat people, and I just joined their mailing list.  We’ll see how long it takes the girls to get through this 50 pound bag first.


Oh, and I started a new Chickens category to keep the Home and Garden category from getting out of hand.  This week’s new chicken trick: they come running when I call them :)  They could probably do this for a while, but I only just today did the experiment.

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  1. Ariel Says:

    ha ha even seattle co ops have trendy music


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