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Posted on January 31st, 2011 by maitreya. Filed under Crochet, Experiments.

This wonderful valentine of sorts by A Foothill Home Companion got me wanting to crochet the edge of something.


Searching around for ideas also brought up these cute tags from etsy seller sosorosey.


I decided to crochet a frame for a little Jen Corace print I bought a while back.  I don’t want to mess it up, so I did a test first on cardstock.  First I tried punching holes with a tiny hole punch, but it looked terrible.  Maybe with bigger yarn it would work.

I ended up using this tutorial for edging pillowcases by You Go Girl.  The key is to blanket stitch around the edge first, through holes I pre-stabbed with a big needle.  I also tried chain-stitching, using a tiny hook to pull the loop through the card and a bigger hook to do the rest, but that was maddening and I had a hard time keeping it all even.

Once I decided on a pattern and a basic approach, I had the bright idea that I could use the test swatch as a bookmark so I should make it pretty by fusing a piece of fabric to the cardstock.  This also conveniently covered up my measurement marks to guide the hole-punching.  They’re punched a quarter inch from the edge, a half inch apart, which actually works quite well with the pattern.  I used plain cotton 6 strand embroidery thread, and a 2.35 mm hook.


OK, not bad, but a few things went wrong here.  Miscalculation #1 is that I always forget how much thread crochet uses, so I ran out.  Miscalculation #2 is the blanket stitch “stems” go a little too far into the interior for my taste, which serves to emphasize how uneven they are.  I think the paper would be plenty strong to go just 1/8 inch from the edge.  Miscalculation #3, the corners.  The way the waves work, every other hole is worked as a shell, alternating with single crochets.  I also used the shell to turn the corner.  That means there needs to be an odd number of spaces between corners.  Whoops.  I also should have thrown in a couple of chains to help it lay flat around the corner.

So the bookmark didn’t work, but it was a good learning experience and I can tell it will eventually work.  I think I may play with some other borders before I hit the real thing.

3 Responses to “crochet edging on paper experiment”

  1. robynlicious Says:

    It looks like you only did 5 dc in the corner. To get the corner shell to lay flat, you could add more double crochets than you used in the shells worked along the sides. Generally to turn a corner in single crochet, you want an additional 3 stitches. I can’t remember if it’s still 3 for double crochet, or if it’s 5 since the stitch is taller.

  2. lisa s Says:

    i’ve got a ton of edging patterns if you want some :)

  3. Ashley Says:

    CUTE CUTE CUTE ideas- super inspirational! I am working on building some inventory and designs for an Etsy store to open soon, and have been toying with ideas to integrate my crochet into the packaging…this would be a perfect way to do so!!


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