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Posted on March 12th, 2011 by maitreya. Filed under Home and Garden.

Mark also built me an awesome compost station while I was away on a trip last weekend.  Our previous attempt with a trash can didn’t really work, probably because we didn’t adequately chop everything, and because it wasn’t a big enough pile to heat up properly.  Also, the mix of materials was certainly not optimal.  With the addition of chicken litter, it should all go much better, I think.

It has 2 compartments, so one can be brewing while I add new stuff to the other.  The open front should make easy access for turning, and also the chickens can climb on and help.


It’s made from fence slats plus some posts.  The middle barrier is movable so I can adjust the size of each pile as they grow or cook down.

The trash can will be re-deployed for growing potatoes.  Today’s job was searching the local nurseries for seed potatoes.  I found them, but only in bags of ~10 of a single variety.  I want to just grow a couple of a few different varieties.  Now I’m off to look through my seed catalogs for a mix pack.

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