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Posted on March 13th, 2011 by maitreya. Filed under Home and Garden.

Potato mission accomplished.  Several of my seed catalogs did have variety packs of potatoes, but they were still in large quantities.  I almost bought some from Northwest Seed & Pet; they sell in 1 lb increments at very reasonable prices with a large variety.  With shipping costs what they are, though, I ended up looking a little harder for local nurseries.

Sky Nursery turned out to be the place to get loose seed potatoes (dumb not to try there first!)  They had like 8 varieties, 99 cents/pound.  I got one yellow variety (Satina) and one red (Carmine).  They didn’t have any loose fingerlings, though, so i splurged and got a pack of Russian bananas.  I think 4 will fit in the trash can, and I’ll either find another container to use for the rest or give them away to my gardening friends at lab.  I’m setting them all to chit in the garage under a grow light.

I also got a horseradish root.  I’ve been meaning to try horseradish but just kept forgetting to look for it at the garden store.  Sky had it as both bare root and as sprouted.  I have read that it is *very* spread-y and hard to get rid of once established, so I planted it in a big pot that will live on the concrete pad by the deck.  All the raised bed real estate is spoken for anyway, so anything new is pretty much going to have to go into a container.

ETA: I also added a baby yukon gold to my trash can since one was sprouting in a packet I got at the grocery store.  They were really tasty so I hope they grow.

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