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Posted on June 1st, 2011 by maitreya. Filed under Projects with Instructions, Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

Mark got me an iPad for no good reason.  It’s pretty nice, I have to admit.  Obviously I had to make it a case.


I hate big bulky cases (my phone goes naked), but it needed some protection from the elements and my clumsiness.  I decided to use non-fray fabrics so I could just keep the edges raw.  Luckily, I had just gotten half a yard of some awesome vinyl coated cotton on my last outing to Nancy’s Sewing Basket when my friend Amy was visiting.  It’s Dew Drops in Indigo from the Prince Charming line by Tula Pink for Free Spirit.  The inside is a piece of dark teal felt I already had that was conveniently the exact perfect size (9 x 18 inches, which leaves some room for trimming).

It’s extremely simple: just a single piece folded and stitched up the sides.  I got the best results by first sewing the (unfolded) felt to the coated cotton along the edges.  It seemed too shifty to sew all the layers all folded up at once.  That also let me topstitch the edges for the opening.  Once stay-stitched, I folded it, smoothed it as much as I could, and sewed up the sides, testing the iPad as I went to make sure it fit just right.  Then it was just a matter of trimming everything up.  The 18 inches folded is just barely enough to cover the whole thing, and not enough to include a flap, just fyi in case you’re tempted to make one.  If I’d had a bigger piece of felt, I probably would have put a small flap to tuck in, but I was too impatient.


for sewing the coated cotton: The vinyl was too sticky for my machine if facing up, but worked great facing the feed dogs with the felt side up.  After the folding step, both faces are vinyl, so I used a piece of freezer paper between the foot and the top side to keep it moving through my machine.  I put the plastic side of the freezer paper facing the fabric, which helps it grip the vinyl and not shift.

for removing the paper later: fold it along the perforation a few times, and it will tear off like a stamp without pulling much on the seam.

for removing creases from coated cotton: Put it on your lap under your laptop while you’re composing the blog post about it :P  It works!

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  1. Creativaholic Says:

    It’s very fun!
    Nice the fabric design!


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