* chicken attack

Posted on October 19th, 2011 by maitreya. Filed under Chickens.

File under texts you don’t want to receive when you’re 3000 miles away from home in an all day meeting:


That is a giant hole that something tore in the roof of the chicken coop  :O

The picture was quickly followed by “Everyone is ok btw.”  Whew.  I hope the chickens weren’t too traumatized.  They’re molting right now and looking pretty pathetic as it is.

The raccoon we spotted down the street the other day is the prime suspect.  The roof was apparently totally rotten.

A few hours later he texted me this:


A new roof, made out of cedar fence slats, our favorite building material.  Yay Mark!

2 Responses to “chicken attack”

  1. ariel Says:

    Oh noes! I was afraid I wouldn’t get to meet the chickens.

  2. Becket Says:

    That’s horrible!! It’s really a miracle that they are alright. I have a feeling that someone in the coop may know kung fu…


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