* Pacific Northwest seed-sowing meta-analysis

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[Note: I added a few more sources since I first posted this.]

It’s kind of interesting how different gardening references can be from one another.  I’ve taken a broad view, and tend to plant as often as recommended by the union of all the calendars from Portland to BC.  Here, for example, are the spinach recommendations (colors go warm->cold, south->north).

Others are very similar across all calendars, like the squashes.

Anyway, just in case anyone else is interested, I made a comparison of Pacific Northwest planting guide recommendations.  I only plotted the vegetables I grow, and I only plotted direct sow dates since I have not mastered the art of seed starts yet.  The sources are

Mother Earth News What to Plant Now PNW
Territorial Seed Company
Portland Nursery Veggie Calendar
Oregon Tilth
Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, by Steve Solomon
solid ground LettuceLink Gardening for Good Nutrition
Washington State University King County Extension
Seattle P-Patch Planting Calendar
The Maritime Northwest Garden Guide from Seattle Tilth
West Coast Seeds Planting Chart for Coastal BC

Each line represents one of the planting guides.  If the guide didn’t name specific months, I just left it out.  Many of the left out entries are because they recommend starting the seeds indoors and transplanting, or they put timing relative to last frost and I was too lazy to calculate.  Hopefully still somewhat useful, though.  All mistakes are mine, and not from the sources.

Download PNW Metagarden PDF


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