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Posted on April 23rd, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Cross Stitch/Embroidery, Felting.

Whew, all done. Here’s the drawer organizer, though I think it’s pretty enough that you could keep it on your desk. Thanks Lisa and Ali for the suggestion of replacing the rubber bands with pins. I attempted tacks and pushpins before going with the T-pins, which are my favorite at lab and which also turn out to look the best embroidered. I also tried a staple remover, which my sister suggested. It actually didn’t turn out too bad, but it seemed a little superfluous without also doing a stapler, which is a little too 3D for this sketchy style I think. Another try with a ruler turned out really bad. The background fabric is another thrift store pillowcase that I fused to the back of the embroidery.


18 Responses to “felt desk tray”

  1. abby Says:

    so cool! I love this idea and how they both turned out-great job!

  2. abby Says:

    so cool! I love this idea and how they both turned out-great job!

  3. Anabel Says:

    Wow! Good idea. I love it!:-)

  4. wendy Says:

    I like the Ts too

  5. vegasandvenice Says:

    Oh my gosh!! It is a thousand times even more perfect than I could possibly imagine it would be! What a talent you are!

  6. abbyjane Says:

    Totally fun! And a great background fabric. I love the color combination.

  7. Regina Says:

    oh! This one is very nice too!!

  8. W Says:

    I just love that so much.

  9. wiseacres Says:

    That is awesome!

  10. Zoe Says:

    These two organizers are so SO awesome! I would buy a book, just for this design. So unique and original. So great!

  11. Zoe Says:

    That is so dang cute!

  12. sally Says:

    what a totally genius idea — and so stylishly achieved. 3-D embroidery sounds intriguing, actually. What great ideas you have….

  13. lisa Says:

    gorgeous maitreya.

  14. D R E W Says:

    wow, cool. i really like this one.

  15. Lizette Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed how this comes together. I couldn’t quite figure out if you did it by hand or machine. Either way, it’s fantastic. Reminds me I haven’t done an embroidered piece in awhile and need the “therapy” of it. Btw, where do you get such thick felt? I’d love to find some of that..

  16. genny Says:

    hi there – i always love your projects and your blog in general, but this idea puts me over the moon! i can’t wait to see the book… oh, and i second the wondering about the felt. i have been hankering for some joseph beuys-thick felt myself.

  17. lisa Says:

    sorry so late to the party, but man did these come out great!!! so so so great!!

    also love your tie one on apron!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I love this project.


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