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Posted on August 5th, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Sewing/Fabric Crafts, Toys (cat and kid).

Long time no see. Lots to do at work lately, including a big conference last week, but I have been doing some crafting here and there. My sewing buddies from lab came over for dinner+crafting this week, so I had some quality time to work on a baby present for a good friend of mine from grad school. The baby is only 3 days old, so I’m patting myself on the back for the quick turn-around. Maybe it’ll cancel out the 2+ months I’m late on the baby quilt for another friend.

You’ll recognize the pattern from the Wee Wonderfuls put-together book. I might have to finally figure out how to use Flickr so I can post it to the gallery. As everyone else says, it’s a very good pattern. I’m quite pleased with the results. (The mouth is easier to see and the shoes are the same size in person, btw.) FYI, she still has some books in her shop.


10 Responses to “Wee kitty”

  1. abby Says:

    So cute! love the colors…

  2. kate Says:

    how sweet and wonderful indeed!

  3. victoria Says:

    So cute! I love the white Mary Jane’s!

  4. hillary Says:

    she’s adorable!

  5. julie Says:

    such sweet colors. I love her little dress!

  6. Gillian Greding Says:

    Too die for! My fav… the mary janes! SOOOO fab!

  7. Mia Says:

    Love that kitty. Love those patterns from Wee Wonderfuls. Also love that clay and glass food from last year. Great blog!

  8. frances Says:

    She’s so sweet.

  9. Hanna Says:

    your cat is cute, and blue! :-) does she have a name yet?

  10. jessica Says:

    so adorable, i love her shoes.


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