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Posted on November 11th, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Experiments.

I’ve had pine cones on the brain lately. I believe it started a while back with Karen Gelardi’s pinecone prints (which you can buy at ferdinand.)


The last week I’ve been seeing them everywhere:

DeLuce Design


Walter Erhard reprints


and these 2 beauts from blissen


I signed up for some ornament swaps and decided pinecone prints it is. First order of business is doing the drawing. I found a nifty website for a cone collection. Who knew there were so many types of cones? Fascinating. Anyway, I printed out a bunch of different ones and tried tracing them with a sharpie (one of the 29-pack I got for my birthday!) I kind of like the effect, although you can see this method worked better for some than others.


The gocco prints are drying now, so tune in later for the finished ornaments.

3 Responses to “pine cone prints”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I love this post- so inspiring!!

  2. moki Says:

    What a coincidence, today I went to an assisted living home to help them make turkey centerpieces out of pinecones and I just kept thinking about how wonderfully cozy all the nooks and crannys seem.

    I’ll be coming back to see those ornaments!

  3. Hanna Says:

    I like your prints, and your research on the pine cones. I think it is so cool that you allways see (or hear) a lot of what you’ve just disovered or learned – suddenly it’s everywhere. Serendipity?!


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