* Popbead kitchen curtains

Posted on May 27th, 2008 by maitreya. Filed under Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

No internet has made me finally figure out how to post to craftlog via Flickr. So expect lots of mediocre iPhone photo posts now :P

I made these curtains for our kitchen, to block out the new crazy neighbors. They’re a splurge fabric from Superbuzzy, and I used every last centimeter, including the selvedges. I’m pleasantly surprised at how nice they look and how easy they were.

3 Responses to “Popbead kitchen curtains”

  1. Cherry Tree Lane Says:

    I was JUST looking at my kitchen curtains while eating lunch and noticing that they are a bit old and dingy. So, you have inspired me–its time for a change! And Superbuzzy is a fabulous place to find inspiration!

  2. deirdre Says:

    Oh! I am in the process of making kitchen curtains myself, and I need some advice! I’ve blogged about them over at my blog — a picture of the window, some fabric choices, and asking for people’s opinions.

    I think I want to do a couple of layers, though — a print plus a stripe plus some lace? I don’t know if that will be too much, or too contrasting. Maybe just a print (the huts and surfboards) and a stripe.

    I really like your stripes. That fabric looks perfect for your kitchen!

  3. patricia Says:

    Cute curtains! And I like your calendar! ;)


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