* ironing board cubby spice rack

Posted on May 14th, 2009 by maitreya. Filed under Home and Garden.

While packing up all the spices, I realized I never posted the spice rack I made.  Apparently this is where the ironing board used to live.  What to do with such a weird narrow cabinet?  Spice rack!  While wandering around Home Depot, we found tiles that were exactly the right dimension to fit as shelves and the idea was hatched.


I knew I wouldn’t be able to put perfectly even supports in the little closet, and wobbly shelves would’ve driven me crazy, so I used screw eyes.  You twist them each independently to make everything level.  It worked like a charm!


9 Responses to “ironing board cubby spice rack”

  1. Shannon McDonough Says:

    I, too, have a cubby like this and had the same idea. I have been dragging my feet because I thought that this would be a larger, more complex project. So smart to use tiles instead of custom cutting pieces of wood. Thanks for sharing the simple and successful execution!

  2. Marinkina Says:

    Да,aleks,побороть лень, действительно иногда очень сложно..

  3. Michelle Says:

    I adore this site! Thank you! I got so many great ideas!!!

  4. Ferinannnd Says:

    спасибо, прочитал на одном дыхании

  5. Jodie R. Says:

    How clever to use the screw-in eye hooks :)

  6. maxgxldealer Says:


    Hi, nice posts here. Thanks for the compelling advice

  7. susie Says:

    Hey! We did the same thing, although we left off the door, because it was broken beyond repair. We used glass shelves (we had a glazier cut them), and then I splurged on a big set of new spices in glass bottles, since many of our spices were WAY past when we should have kept them… Anyway, now it’s the highlight of our kitchen. Everyone comments on it and I love having all my spices easily accessible (and in alphabetical order, which my husband thinks is insane!).

  8. Chase Says:

    That is so funny because my apartment has a similar spice rack someone made before we moved in, just with little wooden planks and 1 inch wood pieces to support them. I love the idea of using the eyelet screws to get it level!

  9. Mary Says:

    My dad made me one of these too. He cut some wood to size and then installed some side rail thingies with notches clips to set the shelves on. Here it is:


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