* second impression with L Letterpress

Posted on April 4th, 2010 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress.

I am a sucker and ordered another set of plates and some ink for my new faux-letterpress.  Given the cracking problems, I figured I should probably work out the kinks using the plates I already have before the new ones get here (supposedly 6-8 weeks, argh! At least I hope it’s that “fast” given the 4 months delay with the main order).

My mom naturally should get the first card made with it since her birthday is tomorrow, but I am afraid it didn’t turn out nice enough to actually send.  I had the exact same problems Boxcar press identified: the brayer was totally uneven and the plates are practically impossible to ink without getting smudges on the mount or the edges of the print plate.  I also could not get the “repositionable” adhesive to work.  Every time I would pry up a plate, the adhesive stuck to the mount.  I think the most disappointing flaw, though, is that the edge around the print plate also impresses.

Also, I went from small-cracks-around-the-edges to big-cracks-that-make-the-plate-not-print-right.  You can actually watch them degrade with each print; I did the third starburst, then the center one, then the first in the row.  I can’t believe they’re shipping such low quality stuff.  And I can’t believe I am so stupid as to buy another set from them, but I did because it is definitely fun to play with and I still have dreams of lovely letterpress. :P


4 Responses to “second impression with L Letterpress”

  1. muralimanohar Says:

    Badskirt just posted a similar horrible review of the same letterpress kit. She ended up emailing them and getting a replacement set of plates, though after all, she just returned the thing. Glad I am reading your two reviews, and know to avoid avoid avoid! Thanks! :D

  2. Amy (badskirt) Says:

    Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my L Letterpress review. If you’re keen to stick with the system, do you can mail them about your cracked plates. You’ll find the email address in the Returns Policy listed on my article or on their site.

    I’m sorry to hear that you too are having the same problem as me. Another tip: don’t buy the red ink. It’s anything but red.

  3. Mandy Says:

    Well, I hate you had so many problems, but it’s a relief to me to know I wasn’t the only one. This product had been hyped and hyped for months leading up to its release in October 2009. Honestly, I am a firm believer that it is a complete piece of junk. I purchased it (half price, luckily) at a craft store and after one attempt it was boxed back up and returned for a full refund. The internal gears on the epic 6 broke where you couldn’t run the plates through. Regardless of the mechanical problems, the impression it made was not deep and clear and the ink smudged everywhere. I would be too embarrassed to send any of the cards to anyone! I’m a pretty knowledgeable crafter and it obviously took someone with a special touch and a lot of patience to produce something worthy of being shown in public. I left a review of this product at Amazon and my hopes are that I save someone the heartache of this product.

    Thanks for your review, it confirmed everything I thought about this product!

  4. Chase l Oh The Cuteness! Says:

    *Sigh* The never-ending quest for an at-home letterpress continues.


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