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Posted on January 6th, 2011 by maitreya. Filed under Wants.

Nice scores at the Goodwill this past weekend

Two milky white baking dishs from Glasbake with a pretty green floral design (the pattern might be called Green Daisy, but I couldn’t find anything conclusive).  I’d just been talking to my sister about finding some of these since my mom has a pretty bowl of a different pattern.  I found a shallow square one and then 5 minutes later found its deeper circular match further down the aisle.  Two is a collection, right?  Now I’m on a hunt for more.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until I got home and googled it that I should have also looked for matching lids. (Picture nabbed from a defunct Etsy listing.)


I also found two amazing ugly-awesome flowered drapes that will no doubt make an appearance in a craft project sooner or later, and a funny orange salad spinner.  Mark almost made me put the salad spinner back since it’s some ancient plastic, but I figure the greens will only be in contact with it for a few minutes, and it will make washing veggies from the garden tons easier and more fun.

2 Responses to “Sunday thrift”

  1. Anitra Cameron Says:

    Finding great vintage pieces at the Goodwill is the BEST. And those lids are almost sure to turn up, as they made them interchangeable for so many different patterns.

    The plastic should be fine, too. It’s hard to disinfect, but a pediatrician once told a friend of mine who was concerned about her baby’s toys to just put them away for a day or two, as the germs wouldn’t survive longer than that.

    Happy thrifting!

  2. Becky Says:

    Salad spinners are also useful for craft-related purposes. Unravelled yarn can be spun in a salad spinner to speed the drying time. Also useful for spinning small handwashables like hats or mittens. So if you just can’t get past the food / plastic issue, you should still be able to find uses for it.


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