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Posted on February 4th, 2011 by maitreya. Filed under Art.

My second encaustic class was this week.  I brought a bag of random things to try out, including paper, fabric, string, beads, and a bunch of other stuff.  It was pretty interesting how the different materials took to the wax.  I also learned that scribing into the surface is hard to get the hang of.  Messing up repeatedly in a class doesn’t seem quite as disheartening as usual, though, since I convinced myself I was learning.  Also, it helps that you can scrape everything off and start all over again very easily.

The ones that looked the best were very very simple.  I was running out of time at the end, and the forced simplicity was actually a good thing, I think.  This is just a silk scarf. (I used part of it to make a bead necklace a while back, so I’d already cut into it.)  It looks dreamy under the wax.  I think I’m going to do another one with more of the green and blue flowers and hang them together.


This one is just cut out tissue paper circles.  It’s got a little more depth to it than I was able to photograph.


The whole thing was very fun and I definitely want to do more with the technique.  So far, I’ve gotten all of the supplies except for the torch.  That’s a job for this weekend, maybe.

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  1. Becket Says:

    I really like the one with the embedded scarf. Definitely worth making another one!


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