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I’ve been kind of wanting to try canning, but have never gotten around to it.  This is in part because my imagined garden largess has never quite materialized as I expected, but also because it seemed a little intimidating.  My friend Rose gave me the perfect opportunity to just go for it by giving me some supplies and fruit, and telling me to just follow the directions on the pectin package.  Can’t get easier than that, right?


I started with 2 jars of strawberry-raspberry jam, and then was emboldened to try pickles.  Since my poor cucumber seedlings were decimated by slugs this year, the cukes are from the farmers’ market.  The stand guy said the variety is Jackson Supreme.  The garlic and dill seed are from my garden, though.  There’s also a Walla Walla onion in the bread and butter pickles.  I accidentally made too little of the dill pickle brine and too much of the bread and butter pickles brine, so there’s one jar of “hybrid” pickles.

Now I am hooked.  Next on the agenda is zucchini pickles.  Doesn’t hurt that it gives me a chance to use my collection of pretty labels.


My new favorite blog is Food in Jars.  Any others I should be following?

In addition to the pectin package instructions, I also consulted Canning & Preserving with Ashley English, which I bought as a pair with her chicken book, and Put ’em Up by Sherri Brooks Vinton, which I got from the library.  Both of them had really good introductions to the methods, including lots of nice pictures and drawings.  And basic was what I needed: I got a can lifter on sale after nearly scalding myself using normal tongs with the jam, and I wasn’t entirely sure which end was handles, nor how to use them to pour out the water from the bath.  Put ’em Up has more varied recipes, I’d say, so I will probably end up buying it.

4 Responses to “adventures in canning”

  1. Sherri Says:

    i just finished canning 32 jars of crushed tomatoes, 12 jars of pickled beans/carrots, and 10 jars of raspberry jam. alot of work, but i didn’t have to buy canned tomatoes for sauces at all last winter. also great because you know exactly what’s in it (no additives / preservatives / dyes). happy canning :-)

  2. Carrie Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful work!!!!

    I am just starting to can. I’m taking a tomato preserving class at the end of the month.

    Meanwhile, I’m attempting deli cukes. My friend just gave me this recipe:


    Look forward to hearing more about your adventures.


  3. Becky Says:

    All of my favorite pickling recipes come from old cookbooks – usually from churchs, you know the type. Definitely worth hitting some yard sales in search of.

  4. Becket Says:

    Awesome! So glad you tried it! As you know, we made blackberry jam earlier this year and it was a lot of work but *hopefully* worth it.


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