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With the nighttime lows starting to dip down into the 40s the last couple of weeks, I finally had to admit that the summer is over.  A couple weekends ago I tore out all my squashes and tomatoes, added in some compost to my beds, and replanted them with garlic and shallots.  I also planted all my flower bulbs, including 60 ranunculus, a few stray daffodils that were displaced by the new raised bed, and some checkerboard fritillaria.

Harvest first:


Tomatoes: two huge colanders full of green and greenish tomatoes.  Due to my tomato splitting problem ever since the rains started up again, I’ve been picking the tomatoes a little before they ripen anyway to let them finish on the kitchen counter.  I pickled three jars of green cherry tomatoes, using the small batch pickled green tomatoes recipe at Food in Jars.  While I was pickling, I also threw in one jar of the last few baby summer squashes.

The remaining big tomatoes were set on the kitchen counter to ripen up.  It worked!  I canned four jars with some garlic and herbs from the garden (striped romans with thyme and momotaros with basil).

We also made a big salad with the red cherry tomatoes.  Also in the salad was my pathetic carrot harvest.


I had all sorts of germination problems this year, and it shows.  At one point I seeded this area so heavily that I mixed up all the different varieties, so I’m not entirely sure what kind they are (Baby Little Finger?)  Interestingly, my fall bed carrots are going like gangbusters.  I may actually have to thin them!

More salad vegetables: a kind of spongy head of lettuce, a couple golf-ball-size lemon cucumbers, some arugula, and two radishes from an Easter Egg mix.  One of the radishes, a big white one, got so big it split open, but it might have been the mildest radish I got all year.

Winter squashes:  Given the real estate I devoted to the pumpkins and squashes this year, I didn’t get much back.  One Blue Hubbard, one Sweet Dumpling, two Delicatas (though one of them looks really weird, like it cross-bred with something else), 3 greenish Sugar Pie Pumpkins, 2 perfect Jack Be Little Pumpkins, one very green Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin, and one hilariously immature Rouge Vif d’Etampes pumpkin.  That last one was supposed to be a beautiful red Cinderella coach pumpkin, but it didn’t set fruit until late in the summer.  I’m told you can eat immature pumpkins, so I’ll give it a try.  I set the rest of the green pumpkins in a sunny window and they all turned orange!  I can’t wait to eat them.

Of the winter squash, my Blue Hubbard is my favorite because it’s so enormous and so pretty.  I planted two of these, but the second plant didn’t successfully set until way too late.

Out with the old, now in with the new:  I got an amazing garlic sampler from Nichols Garden Nursery.  I’m lucky I was able to find someone to split it with because this is a lot of garlic!  1.5-3 heads each of 6 varieties!  I also got two packs of shallots at the garden store.  I coincidentally just this week finished up my shallot and garlic harvest from the summer, so planting these gave me something to look forward to.

With my fall bed going, though, I don’t need to wait all that time until next year: I’ve been getting peas, beets, chard, and turnips.

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